Our daughter just sat her 11+ after studying with the 11 Plus Study Centre. We just wanted to say that not only was the content of the lessons fantastically linked to what was on the papers, but also her mental preparation was fantastic thanks to the tutor's help.


Throughout the learning process our daughter has been calmed and reassured with the tutor's guidance and felt ready for the big day.


The night before the test and on the morning itself, our daughter was totally focussed and did not demonstrate any signs of stress or anxiety. This again, was mainly due to the preparation received over the last year's support from the 11 Plus Study Centre.


We not only recommend the classes for their content but for the amazing way the tutor guided the children to have self-belief and be prepared for the exam environment. Even our daughter's teacher commented at how focussed she was on the day and that anything going on in the room did not distract her. The detail of preparation for the exam environment was fantastic!


Everything that the the tutor advised may happen, did happen and instead of observing what was happening around her our daughter remained totally focussed and just 'got on with the job'. We have spoken to a lot of friends who have arranged tutoring for their children and not one of them seemed to have had the mental preparation, that we believe is invaluable! The mock exams completed via the 11 Plus Study Centre mirrored the real thing, meaning there was no fear and nothing came as a surprise.


We would, without hesitation, recommend the 11 Plus Study Centre and hope others make the decision to join and give their sons and daughters the best preparation possible! We intend to place our 7 year old son on the waiting list for tuition in 2016."

Proud parents of year 6 pupil, Aylesbury.

"The tutor never let our son's focus waiver away from the  studies. He was inspiratioinal throughout the teaching, dedicated and worked tirelessly with our son. The tutor also calmed us (the parents) of the anxiety we faced and gave us time whenever we asked for it. Our son achieved a fantastic 176 in the 11 Plus exam and we would like to say a big thank you!"

Proud parents of year 6 pupil, Aylesbury

"The results not only reflected our daughter's efforts and ability but the massive support you gave, her lack of nerves sitting the exam was down solely to your preparation which i am sure was a factor in her final score. The information, technique and understanding you gave has not only helped our daughter achieve her goal of attending her dream school, it is something she can use in the future and stands her in good stead to continue down the path she wants to take. I will highly recommend you to any families wishing to take tuition, which I would have done regardless of our daughter's results.  Thank you."

Proud parents of year 6 pupil, Aylesbury.

"Our son scored 144 in the Bucks Transfer Test. Thank you for your coaching, which I believe helped in my son getting a good score. I can also see that his confidence levels in carrying out his regular schoolwork has also improved tremendously since he started attending your classes."

Parent of Year 6 pupil, Milton Keynes

"Thank you very much for the continued and focussed guidance in the preparation for the 11+ test for my child. You kept us updated with her progress and provided all the necessary information. I would definitely recommend you to all my friends."

Parent of Year 6 pupil, Milton Keynes

"We are pleased with our son's results - he scored 147 in the 11 Plus test. This is our second child who has been tutored by the 11 Plus Study Centre.  My son has really improved his ability to work under time pressure and increased his confidence. We were delighted with the tutor. He was very patient, pleasant and responsive to my son. Our son saw him as a role model and we could see that he was highly motivated to do his best in all his work, thank you."

Parent of Year 6 child, Aylesbury

" ...not only were you an inspiring teacher but you gave our son the self-belief that he was good enough to pass, and he did. You can't put a price on that." 

Parent of Independent school pupil

"This year has definitely been a turbulent year with all the uncertainty in the changes for the 11 Plus exam.  With your expertise, professionalism and extensive research carried out by yourselves, it gave us complete confidence in your coaching techniques and work ethos.


The carefully planned mock exams you prepared emulated the new 11 Plus exam format in Bucks, which was supported with detailed constructive feedback which proved extremely helpful. This played a vital role in preparing my son for the final 11 Plus test. He thrived from the group revision classes which always included well researched and relevant work based on the new CEM format.


Your time, constructive feedback, words of encouragement and consistent support that has been dedicated to my son is immeasurable.  The personal attention and commitment you showed were far beyond my expectations from a tutor.


We were all overjoyed to find out he passed his exam and would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all your hard work. So thank you very much! This is only the beginning of a journey for my son but thanks to you he has an excellent platform from which to excel."

Proud parent of Year 6 Pupil, October 2013, Aylesbury

"We are very thankful for all the hard work and great support the 11 Plus Study Centre offered in preparation of our son for the 11+ test.  The test has changed in 2013 and it was very challenging to prepare for the different topics in a short period of time.  We found the mock exams very useful to get a feel for the real exam.  We worked hard and with the guidance and expertise of the tutor our son passed the 11 Plus.  We can definitely recommend this course for all ambitious students willing to pass the 11+ test."

Parents of year 6 student, Aylesbury 

"The tutor has been fantastic for my daughter.  He has been extremely focussed and dedicated towards our daughter's preparation for the 11 Plus test.  Preetjot thoroughly enjoyed her sessions in the class.  The topics were explained clearly and practiced thoroughly.  Any weak points identified were then concentrated on.  The tutor offered practical advice and handy tips on how to approach certain topics and questions and was able to put these across in such a way that Preetjot found them easy to apply to questions. As a result of the tutor's experience, teaching skills and patience, Preetjot entered the exam confidently and passed.  


Thank you for your guidance and support during Preetjot's 11 Plus journey.  She found the mock exams to be really helpful as they were close to the real test and they were very well organised.


I will definitely be recommending the 11 Plus Study Centre to my friends and family."

Parent of 11 Plus pupil, Milton Keynes

"Thank you so much for helping Freddie to pass the 11+ test.  He came to you late (July) and with so many gaps in his knowledge that we wondered if a pass was too much to ask.  However, Freddie really enjoyed your revision class and one to one tuition, he found your style of teaching stimulating and interesting.  You have also instilled a confidence and belief in himself that Freddie just didn't have before.

I have and will keep recommending you!  Thank you again."

Parent of year 6 pupil, Milton Keynes

"My daughter passed the 11 plus finally! Thank you so much for all your support and most especially for not giving up on my daughter. If you can recall the first time I met you; I explained that other tutors would not take my daughter because they assessed her and said she wasn’t good enough and she did not have a chance of passing. After your assessment you encouraged me and said we should give her a chance. It wasn’t easy however,  you were consistent and you made her believe in herself, which really helped her to keep working hard. All of these paid off. I really appreciate everything and I would recommend anyone who is looking for an 11+ Coach to you. Thank you." Parent of Year 6 11 Plus student.

"Our daughter’s case was a challenging one. We had just moved from Spain a couple of years ago and she was still adapting to British Education system. Furthermore, we don’t speak English at home, so she had an awful lot of words and phrases to learn and practise.


The tutor taught her the methods and little tricks that helped boost her confidence and consistency. And our little one managed to pass the 11+ exams, bringing joy to the whole family. The tutor played a key role facilitating this achievement.


I sincerely recommend anyone to meet the tutor and have a conversation about how to prepare their children for the demanding journey through the education system, whatever their skills or preferences.


And one piece of advice: don’t wait; it is never too early for such an important matter!" Parents of Year 6 pupil.

"Our son was insistent on joining a Grammar School for secondary. Since both of us work, we had little time to spend giving him the required practice to pass the 11+ test to qualify for Grammar Schools. We wanted a good tutor who could help our son, and sought help from the 11 Plus Study Centre.  We found the tutor to be patient, structured and motivating. Our son passed 11+ with the maximum score of 141 marks. His flexible working, combined with his dedication helped us achieve this. I would certainly recommend him as a 11+ tutor. Thank you." Parents of Year 6 pupli, Two Mile Ash School.

"I enrolled my daughter for 11+ tuition because she was struggling with 11+ practice papers. She is a bright girl and I wanted to give her the best possible chance to pass as our nearest school happens to be a grammar school. I researched various local 11+ tuition centres and when I met the tutor at the 11+ Study Centre I found he had a patient and pleasant manner. My daughter always enjoyed the weekend lessons and holiday classes and thrived in the tutor group. I am so happy to recommend this study centre and can vouch for its success  as my daughter achieved a score of 126 in the test and is looking forward to an independent journey to school in Sept 2013." Parent of 11 Plus pupil.

"Friday's results were a fruitful culmination of hard work put in during the last year not only by my daughter but yourself as well. It was her first exposure to the competitive world in which she held her own due to your able guidance.


In the past year I have seen her develop from a person irresponsible towards her educative commitments to a person becoming aware of the realities and showing some inclination to do well. She used to look forward to your classes which in itself speaks volumes for your skills.


In the wider spectrum it was not just the 11 Plus curriculum but the timely tips, discipline and motivating talks which also helped. A year ago as parents of year five student, we were anxious, apprehensive and without much information on this procedure.


As soon as we met you, we felt assured to entrust our daughter under your guidance. We were impressed by your accessibility and the amount of time you gave us in briefing us on the procedure and putting us at ease. As the year progressed this did not change. Whenever we had any doubts or questions you were easily accessible.


A student's success reflects the teacher's success. My husband and I would like to congratulate you, as well as thank you for all the guidance and support that you extended to our daughter during the year. " Parents of 11 Plus student.

"Our daughter reluctantly agreed to 1-1 maths tutoring three months before her first of three GCSE maths exams, having had to work hard at maths all through primary and into secondary school. "It's like a switch has been turned on, I actually understand it now!" was her reaction after her first lesson.


The tutor’s calm, patient and gentle style guided and encouraged her through each stage, building her confidence each week. She "confessed" to enjoying the tutor's lessons and approached maths homework and school lessons with renewed motivation and self belief, with her school teacher commenting on the noticeable level of improvement in such a short period of time and on her growing confidence in her work and during lessons.


Having previously dreaded the thought of the exams, she approached them quietly confident that she would achieve her target. She surprised herself by answering A/A* questions, which previously she would have not had the confidence to do so and which she had feared. We are thrilled with her results - she has exceeded her school target, and has improved by two grades since starting with the tutor. Our daughter is happily continuing her weekly sessions with the tutor until her final exam and is continuing working on A and A* questions, a level we didn't think possible.


There is no doubt our daughter would not have achieved such fantastic results had it not been for the tutor’s excellent methods, teaching style, support and advice. He has challenged and stretched her whilst building her confidence and improving her ability. We have been very impressed with the outstanding results produced in such a short time which, has far exceeded our expectations, and the positive effect this has had on our daughter and her confidence. We are extremely grateful to the tutor and would have no hesitation in recommending him." Parents of Year 11 student, Walton High School.

"My daughter always lacked confidence in Maths and I was lucky to find the tutor! I have been extremely impressed with his in-depth knowledge and excellent teaching skills. This helped to ensure that my daughter passed her GCSE in Maths. I would have no hesitation in recommending him." Parent, Year 11 student.

" our son went from a D to an A!" parent of GCSE Higher student, The Hazeley School

" It gives me great pleasure to write these lines about the tutor.  We were lucky to come in contact with him for tuition for our daughter.  She had missed her 11 + exams as we had moved from the Republic of Ireland in January 2012 and unaware of its existence.  The tutor was very encouraging and patient, both, with us and our daughter and gave his extreme attention and utmost dedication. 


Our daughter had only 6 weeks to prepare and no matter how good she is, I can vouch that it was impossible without the help and support of the tutor.  His methods are easy to follow and remember.


Now we are the proud parents of a daughter who will be going to the Ayleshury High School this coming September.  We are extremely fortunate that we found the 11 Plus Study Centre.


We strongly recommend 11+ tuition at the 11 Plus Study centre and our younger daughter is still his pupil for the coming 11+.  Thank you for all your help!" Parents of 11 Plus students, Aylesbury.

" my daughter improved by 2 levels in three months and achieved a level 5 in her Key Stage 2 SATs" parent of year 6 pupil, Giles Brook School

"I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for all the excellent work you have done in tutoring our daughter to get her B grade at GCSE.  When we first came to see you she was getting D's and E's in her mock exams and was feeling very nervous about the GCSE exams.  But with your tutoring, careful explaining and patience, it meant she got to fully undertand the maths and feel more confident with it. Again, thank you for all your help, we are thrilled with our daughter's result." Kim, parent of Year 11 pupil, The Hazeley School.

"The tutor is an excellent teacher with vast experience and knowledge.  My daughter has Autism which in itself is challenging, he was very patient with her and made sure she understood fully what she was being taught before he moved on and he kept me informed of her progress throughout.  The tutor was very honest with me and told me what he thought my daughter had the potential to achieve I would have no hesitation in recommending the tutor to anyone who needed a good teacher." Year 8, Parent.

" 11 Plus questions are a lot easier for my son" year 5 parent & teacher, Emerson Valley School

"My daughter always lacked confidence in Maths and I was lucky to find you! I have been extremely impressed with the tutor's in-depth knowledge and excellent teaching skills.  This helped ensure that my daughter passed her GCSE in Maths, (she achieved 100% in one of the papers!).  I would have no hesitation in recommending the tutor. Helen and I wish you every success in the future". Parent of Year 11 pupil, The Hazeley School.

" I would like to express my deepest gratitude for all the help and assistance you kindly provided whilst tutoring my daughter towards her 11 Plus.  With your patience, excellent knowledge and determination my daughter proudly passed with flying colours (131 VRTS).  Thank you once again, she could not have succeeded without you.  I wil definately be bookingmy younger daughter with you next year!" Parent of 11 Plus pupil.

"We approached the tutor to undertake some tuition for GCSE Maths two months before the exam. Although this was very close to exam time, the tutor was happy to work with us and keen to help T. T was lacking confidence and feeling de-motivated about his exams, especially Maths.


Within just two lessons with the tutor, T’s approach to Maths changed significantly. He started to really understand some fundamental concepts that previously he had coped with, without fully grasping – this was especially noticeable in his algebra. T actually looked forward to the lessons, and found the tutor's style and approach to be helpful and effective. I was amazed at the difference in his knowledge when it came to doing revision for the exam, and I realised that T’s abilities in this area were stronger than I had previously thought.


I cannot overstate the difference that this made to a very difficult period for T, who was overwhelmed by the pressure of his exams. T is now going on to do A-Level Maths and I am very confident that he will do well, based on the skills, techniques, knowledge and confidence he acquired with the tutor." Parent of Year 11 student.

"I thought I would send you a short email to thank you for our daughter's GCSE Maths tuition. When we got 3 months notice form the school that the exam was to be brought forward by 7 months we were all concerned. Also, our daughter was not keen on the idea of tuition.  Your tuition, at short notice and with the limited time available, helped immeasurably and gave her much improved confidence going into the exam.  Plus I know our daughter was very comfortable and relaxed with you as a tutor, with your style of tutoring and your personality.


She got her result today (B) and is really pleased, so much so that, having enjoyed the start to statistics she is considering Maths and Statistics as an A Level option.  Many thanks once again." Parents of year 11 student, Shenley Brook End School.